2022 BWP/NAD Breeding Auction

5% Buyer's Premium
This is the only SSA we will be doing this year! No second round, so if you are on the fence, don't wait to buy a breeding to one of these boys. Foals from stallions that participate in the annual Stallion Service Auction are eligible to participate in the $3,500 Foal Futurity that coincides with the annual Keuring. Both Stallion Owners & Foal Owners are awarded in the Futurity payout.
The top 5 fillies and top 5 colts from SSA-participating stallions are awarded based on their keuring scores. Stallions that do not participate in the SSA can be nominated for a $250 fee so their foals can participate in the Foal Futurity. Nominations must be received prior to the annual Keuring. Foals resulting from SSA winning bids will receive a $75 credit towards their BWP/NAD registration.
Frozen/ICSI doses must be transfered in 2023. Stallion owners are under no obligation to store doses after 2023.
For questions related to individual stallion breeding terms, please contact the listed stallion manager.