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    Sparrow's Zeus
    1998 Connemara
    Proven performance stallion by Grange Finn Sparrow
    Methods Available: Fresh
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    • Sex
    • Height
    • Born
    • Color
    • Country of Birth
      United States
    • HWSD Status
    • Standing at
      Starting Point Farm
    • Location
      Moreland, Georgia
    • Breed Registry
      S 1304 LII ACPS
    • Lic. Studbooks
    • External Links
    Grange Finn Sparrow
    Gray · 1975 - 2010
    Coosheen Finn
    Gray · 1968
    Carna Bobby Connemara
    Finola of Leam Connemara
    Dun Sparrow
    Buckskin · 1965
    Carna Dun Connemara
    Wise Sparrow Connemara
    Zeus is one of few stallions by *Grange Finn Sparrow, and one of only a couple that have stood in the USA. "Grange" sired top hunter ponies, show jumpers, foxhunters, and dressage ponies. He is most well known for siring numerous upper level event horses (and ponies) including seven individuals that competed at the advanced level, and two, Sparrow's Nio & Windswept, who contested the Rolex*****.

    Zeus's dam, Molly was a Connemara mare that Willy Leahy sent to the USA to be sold. She produced several foals, including Zeus's full brother, Sparrow Cappuccino, a gelding that competed through the preliminary/** level and 3rd level dressage. Unfortunately, Molly's papers were lost, and Zeus couldn't be registered as a purebred Connemara. 

    Zeus started his career very late in life - he was backed at the age of 13, and competed in the jumper ring for a year before being turned back out to pasture. His current owners acquired him in 2015 and put him back under saddle. At the age of 17 he started his eventing career, competing through training at the recognized level & preliminary in schooling horse trials. His owners also discovered that he loved foxhunting, and he's become a favorite mount for whipping-in. He is now in his fourth season of hunting.

    Zeus is an ideal cross for thoroughbred and sport horse mares. He was inspected and approved with the RPSI, so his foals are eligible for registration with the RPSI and as Connemara sport horses with the American Connemara Pony Society. Zeus is a dilute black meaning that he does carry the cream gene - he can sire dilute black, buckskin & palomino.
    • Contract Terms
      LFG, breeding must be initiated in 2022
    • Contact
      Melissa Town · email
    • Collection Fee
      At Mare Owner's Expense
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      At Mare Owner's Expense
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